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What is free glutamate?

How is it fabricated?

What roles does it play?


Ingredient names used to hide free glutamate

Where is free glutamate hidden in food?

Adverse reactions it is known for

Recognizing adverse reactions

Evidence for brain damage

Abnormalities associated with glutamate-induced brain damage

History of the Jekyll and Hyde amino acid

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Today most people will have at least a rough idea of what “glutamate” is. Some will understand that it is an essential component of most protein while others only recognize it as having something to do with food.

From this page, you will learn that glutamate can exist as an individual amino acid (FREE) or bound with other amino acids in protein (BOUND). You will learn that ingestion of glutamate BOUND in protein has no negative effects, while ingestion of FREE glutamate can cause various physical reactions as well as brain damage with resultant abnormalities.

You will learn that FREE GLUTAMATE is responsible for all of the abnormalities attributed to monosodium glutamate.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about MSG and manufactured free glutamate