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Citizen Petition filed requesting that the FDA acknowledge the damaging effects of MSG and stop promoting the additive

In January 2021 a Citizen Petition was filed with the FDA requesting that it acknowledge the ongoing danger to human health posed by monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Evidence shows that the glutamate industry has had close ties to the FDA for over 50 years, not only allowing their lies to go unchallenged, but actually reviewing and approving the shoddy research they put forth to allegedly “prove” the safety of their products.

Clearly, it will take nothing less than a gigantic grass roots effort to pressure the FDA and the U.S. Legislature that supports them to strip these additives of their generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status.

Not sure that MSG is toxic? Read the Statement of Grounds.


Petition for revocation of the GRAS status of MSG and L-glutamic acid for any use in human food

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To comment on this petition at the FDA go to and you’ll see a blue bar on the top left that says “comment.”


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