MSG doesn’t occur ‘naturally’ in anything

Whenever you see the words “MSG is a naturally occurring substance…” you can be sure that the Glutes have written what you’re reading.

MSG is a product. MSG is manufactured in Ajinomoto’s plant in Eddyville, Iowa. MSG doesn’t occur “naturally” in anything.

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2 Replies to “MSG doesn’t occur ‘naturally’ in anything”

  1. Aged cheese, Parmesan cheese, & tomatoe sauce & paste all contain potentially toxic free glutamate. In the cheese, glutamate becomes free when the milk used in making the cheese is processed. Tomato sauce and paste are made using tomatoes from which glutamate is released when they are processed – with the possibility that in addition, glutamate-containing additives are used in producing them.

    The seafood is a different problem. If it is cooked, the ingredients used in cooking may contain potentially toxic free glutamate. Raw seafood may have been treated with MfG-containing preservatives on the fishing boat or later if it’s held before sale. There is also the possibility that you are allergic or sensitive to seafood. Abby reported that she avoided all MSG but was still reacting to food and couldn’t understand it. A very fine allergist discovered that she was sensitive to both MfG and corn (anything made from corn or with corn in).

  2. I react to shrimp, scallops, crabs, aged cheese, Parmesan cheese, & tomatoe sauce & paste. What is it if not msg?