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Dr. Michael Greger

So interesting that a man like Michael Greger M.D, FACLM would publish the post “Is Light or Dark Roast Coffee Healthier” while failing to post information about the dangers involved in eating excitotoxic – brain damaging – free glutamic acid, the toxic component in monosodium glutamate (MSG) and all other ultra-processed foods.

At, Dr. Greger has stated that “Our mission is to improve public health by providing the latest in evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine research in an accessible format to enable individuals to make informed dietary and lifestyle choices.” Yet in years past, he has not only refused to carry information about the toxicity of excitotoxic free glutamate but has spoken of its safety.

Get a taste of some of the basic truths about free glutamate toxicity that the people at don’t seem to want you to know in the link below.

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