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"...my daughter doesn't suffer from migraines at all...I believe she has suffered horrible allergic reactions to PROCESSED FREE GLUTAMIC ACIDS."

Subj: Thank you -
Date: 10/22/2006 7:14:33 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: C.
To: adandjack@aol.com


First of all, there isn't enough sentiment in "thank you" to properly thank you.  My 9 y.o. daughter has suffered from "migraine headaches" (always preceeded by nausea and violent vomiting) for about 18 months now.  I have journaled in search of a pattern, visited a variety of useless doctors, theorized, and thought several times that we "solved it" and knew what to avoid.  My poor daughter has missed out on birthday parties that were at noisy places like arcades, movie theaters, bowling alleys.  She has avoided some of her favorite foods.   We thought it was the "lights and sounds", combined w/ diet containing cheese, nitrites and/or chocolate.

After discovering your website and eliminating foods containing MSG, and diosodium guanylate and disodium inosinate it seems we may have found our answer.  Your website taught me that not only is MSG a culprit but there are SO MANY OTHER HIDDEN SOURCES that create MSG during processing.  I have memorized your list!

Long story short, although we lead a fairly healthy, predominantly organic life, my children are 9 and 11 and there is reality.  They find themselves in fast food restaurants, other people's homes and parties and it is so helpful that we now know better what to avoid (thanks to your website)!!  For the last year, my poor daughter has been scraping the cheese off the pizza served to her at b'day parties (because the neurologist said cheese can trigger migraines).  Turns out it's all the preservatives in the crust of bowling alley or movie theater pizza that is full of chemicals.  The Italian restaurant freshly made pizzas are just fine and my daughter has been eating them now, w/ extra cheese (her favorite!) w/ zero side effects.

Because of your website, I believe that my daughter doesn't suffer from migraines at all...I believe she has suffered horrible allergic reactions to PROCESSED FREE GLUTAMIC ACIDS.   Additional proof of this is, since infancy, she has been plagued w/ large patches of annoying white bumps (like tiny hard pimples) on her cheeks and upper arms.  In the last two weeks, they have virtually DISAPPEARED.  Dermatologists, prescriptions, scrubs, nothing worked.  We even visited a psychologist a year ago because of her shame of having "zits" at such a young age.  She was privately "picking" at them, creating scabs and scars and then feeling shame.  It was horrible.  This was no strange skin condition...this was another form of her allergic reaction!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


With kindest regards,


adandjack@aol.com 858/481-9333 http://www.truthinlabeling.org

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