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Date: 1/6/2007 1:48:07 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: CM

I am so glad that someone is acknowledging MSG problems. About 11 years ago I totally fell apart. I felt like I was going crazy. I was moody, depressed, had anxiety and more. My husband took me to the hospital. They sent me to a psycho ward. And they told me all problems stemmed from my husband and father. I went home feeling lost and alone. I then read a book about MSG. I bought items with no MSG. I began to feel better. Within 1 year I was in control of my life again except the times I ate food with MSG. I knew it minutes after I ate it. My head would begin to itch, then dizziness, blurred vision, I became argumentive, moody and felt as though I would explode with anger. Still doctor's do not agree with me. But your website helped me to see other people suffer from this as well.  I have been really well over the past years until 3 nights ago. I forgot to check the label and it was loaded with MSG. For the next 2 days I was restless, sleepless, worn out, drained, argumentive and had a constant headache. Again thank you...now I know I am not alone.


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