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Subj: MSG
Date: 4/23/2007 12:08:07 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (Me
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Thanks for your work on the website.   At 34 years old, Iíve now deduced I am allergic to MSG.   I hope my story can help others discover if they have similar reactions to MSG.  I also wouldnít be surprised if statistically there are many people unaware they suffer from MSG because itís so hard to pin point.

My story:  A few years ago I had to go to emergency room and the doctors diagnosed me with Vertigo.  I was throwing up, extremely dizzy, asthma, left side of face swollen, felt drunk.   The extreme dizziness persisted and degraded slowly for about 3 weeks.  From there on, ENTís, dizziness specialist, neurologists, allergists all couldnít pin point a cause or a solution.  Over about 3 weeks I slowly got my balance back.

It wasnít until 1 year later I went to the same Chinese restaurant I went to the year before when I got ďvertigoĒ.  While sipping on the soup, my coworkers said the left side of my face was swelling.  I ate some more buffet and my face swelled more Ė so I stopped eating.  By the time I was back to the office, I felt like Iíd had about 10 beers, my left side of my face (mostly left eye) was swelling and I had asthma.  At that point, all the past experiences added up.  My vertigo spell was caused by MSG.  Duhhhhhhh!!!

Thinking back, I recalled most dried fruits followed by asthma; plenty of times I recall Chinese food giving me asthma and I even recalled being wheezy with red wines.

Backtracking, I recalled the dizziness specialist concluded my left ear may have been damaged and was only signaling to my brain about 50% of the balance signals.   My right ear was talking to my brain fine, but the left wasnít.   Since any swelling I get with MSG reactions seem to affect my left side of my body and never the right side Ė it made sense.  

So, now I use this technique: Anytime I get asthma, I think about what I just ate recently.  Even if itís very mild asthma I usually can trace it to MSG like some sausages and even seemingly harmless things like Campbellís chicken noodle soup. L

To me, the govít/food industry should much more accurately label or remove products with this dangerous food ingredient.  Like me for 34 years, people are being effectively poisoned more than we realize.



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