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Why is it so important to government and industry that's MSG not be identified on food and drug labels?

Why?  Because there is a rich and powerful glutamate industry whose very existence depends on their ability to keep processed free glutamic acid (MSG) hidden in food, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, fertilizers, desiccants, disinfectants, growth regulators, pesticides, and fungicide products. They know, just as we do, that use of their product places humans at risk.  They know, just as we do, that if MSG was mentioned on labels of products that contained MSG, consumers who developed skin rash, irritable bowel, migraine headache, heart irregularities, depression, and/or other symptoms of MSG toxicity might investigate the possibility that it was the MSG that caused their reactions, and might stop purchasing their products.

Why hidden?

Because processed free glutamic acid (MSG) is a very big money maker for those who produce it, sell it, and/or use it in their products.  It is relatively cheap to make and can be used to replace more expensive, truly natural, ingredients.

Because MSG causes adverse reactions such as migraine headache when ingested in amounts that exceed a person's tolerance for MSG. If MSG were identified whenever it was used in and/or on food, a person who reacted to that food might be able to trace their reaction back to the MSG they had ingested.

Because if  word got out that MSG was harmful, even to some people, and a consumer could tell when there was MSG in a product, people might boycott products that contained MSG.  And those who produce MSG, sell it, and or use it in their products might not make as much money as they had been making

Because if MSG were eliminated from some foods, producers would have to use more expensive ingredients to accomplish a desired taste.

Because Ajinomoto has an active propaganda campaign which seems to suggest to health care professionals that their incomes would be reduced if MSG were identified.  (You may have noticed that while migraine headache clinics generally list MSG as a migraine headache trigger, they may not pass out information about where MSG is hidden.)

Because if physicians could easily identify patients with MSG-sensitivities, expensive and extensive diagnostic procedures might become less often necessary.

Because if consumers could easily avoid being incapacitated by ingestion of MSG, the number and severity of adverse reactions might fall precipitously -- cutting into physicians' incomes -- particularly the incomes of physicians treating allergies, asthma, stomach distress, headaches, and heart irregularities.

Because if consumers could simply avoid MSG, prescription drug use would be reduced.

It is apparently of no concern to the glutamate industry (the glutes) that their products kill brain cells; cause neuroendocrine disorders which lead to such disorders as gross obesity, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, reproductive disorders, and growth irregularities; cause adverse reactions ranging from simple skin rash to migraine headache, heart irregularities, seizures, and depression; and play a role in such neurological conditions as Alzheimer's disease, ALS, and schizophrenia.