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Glutamate Industry Propaganda Dressed-up as News

It would appear that the "glutes" are on the defensive because drug companies continue to produce glutamate blockers to fight the effects of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.  That's right!  Glutamate blockers are drugs designed to block the effects of glutamate, including the unnatural amounts of glutamate ingested in the form of processed free glutamic acid (MSG) found today in so much processed food.

But for Ajinomoto Company, Inc., and the rest of the glutamate industry, being on the defensive means being on the offensive.  That would explain the new rash of propaganda pieces dressed up as news articles that have begun to appear.

In October, 2007,  "MSG RISING," a piece of glutamate industry propaganda dressed up as a news release  appeared in Gourmet Magazine.  No letter to the editor will begin to undo the damage that has been done to people who might believe what they read in Gourmet Magazine; or the additional damage that will be done when the next barrage of glutamate industry propaganda claims that Gourmet Magazine has reported that MSG is "safe."  So we have taken the liberty of reprinting a copy of the letter we wrote to Gourmet's Editor-in-Chief, Ruth Reichl, in an attempt to set the record straight.

On December 8, The Wall Street Journal carried a piece of glutamate industry propaganda dressed up as a news release called "A New Taste Sensation." It was carried both in print and online.  The article, By Katy McLaughlin, was made up of words (most of which were half truths) giving predictable glutamate industry spin.  In every case, the whole truth was left out.  Even the one allegedly non-industry source she quoted has a long history of sabotaging our efforts to expose the toxic effects of MSG.  We shared our thoughts with The Wall Street Journal, but they seem not to have shared our thoughts with their readers. Click here to read what we had to say.

On February 10, 2008, Truth In Labeling wrote,


"Don't be surprised if you see more of this in newspapers, magazines, journals, and health letters, as well as on radio and TV.  It all follows the same pattern.  Read one and you will have read them all.  Some people have called it free advertising.  I can't help but wonder if it's really free!!"


Boy were we wrong.  Friends sent us a link to the propaganda that appeared online and would soon thereafter appear in print in Forbes Magazine.  It's called "The MSG Cure;" but the only thing it might be a cure for is Ajinomoto's pocketbook.  It's an interview with Kunio Torri, "the highest ranking scientist at Ajinomoto."  It's a whole new spin on the hype that might draw your attention from the fact that MSG, in any form, causes brain lesions, endocrine disorders, and adverse reactions such asthma and migraine headache, and convince you that monosodium glutamate is "safe."  Kunio Torri is talking of feeding it as a "cure" to the people most vulnerable to the toxic effects of MSG -- the people most likely to have compromised blood brain barriers and peripheral glutamate receptors being stressed.  He's talking of feeding it as a "cure" to the very young, to persons who are ill, and to the elderly.

Kunio Torri, "the highest ranking scientist at Ajinomoto."  And he's suggesting that feeding neurotoxic amino acids to the very young, to persons who are ill, and to the elderly might be a "cure" for something?  That's too sick to be a sick joke.