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Glutamate Industry Organizations: A sample of their propaganda laden web pages


-- Ajinomoto   http://www.ajinomoto.com/features/aji-no-moto/en/index.html  (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- Ajinomoto: MSG info.com    http://www.msginfo.com/index.asp       (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- Australian Glutamate Information Service    http://www.glutamate.org.au/    (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- Australia Umami Information Center     http://www.umami.org.au/     (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- European Food Information Council http://www.eufic.org/article/en/page/FTARCHIVE/artid/monosodium-glutamate/ (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- The Glutamate Association      http://www.msgfacts.com/    (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- International Food Information Service   http://www.foodinsight.org       (accessed 9.18.2010)

-- International Glutamate Information Service    http://www.glutamate.org/Links.asp    (accessed 9.18.2010)

 -- International Glutamate Technical Committee      On 9.18.2010 we couldn’t find them on the Internet.  Even the Kellen Company had removed the link to their name. (They were still listed as a Kellen Company client, but without a link to their Web page.)  This is the organization under whose banner placebo materials used in double-blind studies of the safety of monosodium glutamate were laced with neurotoxic aspartic acid found in aspartame.

-- Umami Information Center (UIC)       http://www.umamiinfo.com/     (accessed 9.18.2010)