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AuxiGro by Emerald BioAgriculture AuxiGro by Emerald BioAgriculture
Evidence sufficient to demonstrate that
EPA exemptions for the requirement of a tolerance for residues of "glutamic acid" and "GABA" in or on all food commodities, and the unconditional registration of AuxiGro WP are unwarranted

Table 1. Truly natural glutamic acid (glutamic acid found in the unadulterated, unfermented, unprocessed protein of higher organisms, which is L-glutamic acid, only) contrasted with the contaminants produced along with L-glutamic acid during natural fermentation, food preparation, and processing.
                                                                 --------------------------Consequences of Processing ----------------------- 
heterocyclic amines
Causes adverse
     Source of the Glutamic Acid
1) Bound in Protein yes  no  no  no  no no
2) Freed during human digestion yes no no no no no
3) Freed through manufacture by:
...a) incidental fermentation yes yes yes yes
...b) purposeful fermentation yes yes yes yes
...c) acid hydrolysis yes yes yes yes yes
...d) hydrolysis - high heat but not acid yes yes yes possibly yes
...e) enzymolysis/autolysis yes yes yes yes
...f) secretion yes yes yes yes
4) Peptides (same as Free)

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