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...and i need a list of foods that don't contain msg.

Subj: seriously in trouble with msg
Date: 10/22/2002 9:00:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

hello my name is T...  and i need your help..i suffer from migriane headaches...this i have found to be linked with msg and i need a list of foods that don't contain msg. i am in a lot of pain and yes ok  chinese is my fav food but to the point of vomiting and need to change the things i eat please if u have any kind of ideas or food list with no msg i need you now to write back to me...

Subj: Re: seriously in trouble with msg
Date: 10/22/2002 11:56:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time
(Adapted from a response by the Truth in Labeling Campaign)

There is no list of safe foods because food processors often change recipes, making a food that is safe today unsafe tomorrow.  Also, since people vary in their tolerances for MSG, what one person suggests as being safe is not safe for another person.

Although it is getting more and more difficult to avoid processed free glutamic acid (MSG), it is still possible.   The safest produce is organic produce.   It is best to make things from scratch, avoiding all processed foods.

As this is written, for breakfast, safe cereals appear to be Kashi seven puffed grains plus sesame seed (white box with purple trim), Barbara's or Nabisco shredded wheat, unflavored oatmeal, and cream of wheat. For snacks, Garden of Eaten plain corn chips appear to be safe (red, blue, white, and yellow corn), and Hagan Daas ice cream (vanilla and strawberry) and Breyer's ice cream, only in the black box (vanilla, strawberry, and peach), appear to be safe.   Avoid making stews or soups, or using a crock pot.  (Slow cooking for a long time may cause small amounts of glutamic acid to be released from the protein in the food being slowly cooked.)  Be aware that some shrimp and other shell fish may have been dipped in Trisodium phosphate, a product that can cause reactions similar to MSG reactions in MSGsensitivity people. (Farm raised shrimp are usually all right).  Trisodium phosphate may also be found in chicken parts that were not broken down from whole chickens in the store where they are purchased, and on major brand chickens such as Prod and Tyson.

Avoid anything with aspartame or neotame.  They work on the body in the same manner as does processed free glutamic acid (MSG).

Avoid all processed foods that contain one or more of the ingredients listed on our Web site at:


If I can be of further help, do not hesitate to write again.

Jack Samuels

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