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 AuxiGro contains an endocrine disrupting  neurotoxin
The Environmental Health Advocacy League:
Comments on Proposed Decisions Relating to Various Applications of AuxiGro

Susan Clarke MMOC, Director
Environmental Health Advocacy League (ENHALE)
PO Box 425
Concord, MA 01742

CA Pesticide Registration Branch
Department of Pesticide Regulation
P.O. Box 4015
Sacramento, California 95812-4015

13 May 2002

Re: Comments on Proposed Decisions relating to various applications of AuxiGro
EPA Registration Number (70810 - 1)
Including Tracking Numbers - 194049; 186606; and 194048

Dear Officials at the CA Pesticide Registration Branch:

Although I reside in Massachusetts, I do frequently eat food grown in California.  I also have ten family members who live in your state.  Given that none of us can avoid CA-grown food entirely, and given the US populationís heavy dependence on California for its food supply, I must object to your approval of AuxiGro.  This product of Emerald BioAgriculture Corporation (formerly Auxein) contains toxic, processed free glutamic acid, a known hazard that produces serious neurologic and endocrine problems in humans and animals.  I have personally observed and been the recipient of reports of many adverse reactions to this substance in humans.

Moreover, I object to CPRBís apparent intent to approve additional products containing processed free glutamate on food crops and for other environmental uses. CPRB has in hand studies demonstrating that this substance is a neurotoxicant.  Studies purporting to defend its safety turn out to be flawed and/or irrelevant, with a wealth of conflicting interest obstructing truth and its discovery in this matter.

I understand how difficult it is at times for government officials to maintain a clear sense of the facts and to act on them, while under pressure to believe and act otherwise.  However, I appeal to you as fellow humans, whose food also dare not be contaminated by fraud, perjury, or neurotoxic agents.

Please rescind your approval of AuxiGro, and deny hereafter any new proposal for any processed free glutamate product intended for uncontrolled dispersion into the environment or food supply.


Susan Clarke


Truth in Labeling Campaign, P.O. Box 2532, Darien, IL 60561

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